Customer Promise

At Champ Sports we strive to put the Customer First.  As a Family owned Business since 1992, we know that the experience of buying something is just as important as the price.  So we pride ourselves on giving any customer great service by going on beyond what other shops do.  With our great knowledge of all products, our willingness to give advice and spend time with any customer whether or not they buy anything puts us miles ahead of anyone.  If we don’t have your size or product, we will try our best to get you them.  We are not there simply to stack the shelves or just take your money but to give you a experience that will make you want to come back and also to recommend us to everyone.  On top of that, most of our products are the cheapest prices around.  We constantly check our prices with all the other competitors to make sure that each product we sell is cheaper than the same product elsewhere. We promise to keep our prices cheap. We promise to keep on selling great products from our Top Manufacturers. Most of all we promise to listen and put you, the customer, First.  Thank you Champ Sports.

The table below is how the price comparison is done.  The table is just an example and does not reflect actual products.  We only compare like for like products with the named companies in the table and other companies. Ourselves and the other companies might have different stock to each other that can’t be price compared.  We or the other companies might have more or less products or stock. The table is a example only and is not meant to be biased against other companies.  We use a independent person who is not associated with the company to do the checks.  The checks are done against all other companies online prices.  If the other companies are having a sale or offer promotions going on, then we do not check the prices against ourselves unless we too are having a sale or offer promotions. We use the table to make our prices as cheap as possible .We are not liable if the independent  price checker makes a mistake of the prices, we will fix the problem as soon as it’s identified .

* For illustrative purposes only.  A tick means cheapest and a cross means more expensive.

* Please check Terms and Conditions for further information.